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On the interview day, be on time or even early. I was thirty-five minutes late to one of my medical school interviews (in my own city!) by misjudging the traffic. Needless to say, I did not get an acceptance letter from them (even though, I had received acceptances to schools that were much more highly regarded!).

Review all the preparatory material that you have noted on the school. Review the school's information; your list of questions to ask the school; answers to possible questions that you will be asked; reasons you would love to go to their school. Don't forget to take a pen and notepad so that you can take some notes.

In your notes, make sure you write down the spelling of all the names of the interviewers (you will later send thank you letter to all). You will want to note the name of the interviewer, his specialty in medicine and his non-medical interests. You can get a feel for his other interest based on what you find in his office or you may ask him what he does during his free time?

If you see pictures of him with a great white shark hanging from the ceiling, (and if you too are interested in fishing), you may want to ask him about the location that the picture was taken, etc. In your thank you letter, you may want to refer to the great white shark and your interest in fishing as well!

When you enter the room, you should be confident but not arrogant. This means keep your head up but the top of your head flat so that a cup would not fall off of it (many people keep their nose up which gives the appearance of arrogance!). Wait for the interviewer to offer to shake your hand; give him a strong but not bone crushing handshake. Let him sit first or offer you to sit before you sit down.

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